Saturday, January 7, 2012

 Holy lack of update, Batman! Sorry folks, I've been pretty busy and stressed out lately, so I have been dressing like a mess most days.

Top: F21+
Skirt: Eshakti
Shoes: Idk! I think they're Mudd.
I wore this the day after Xmas. You can just ignore the fact that my hair was NOT behaving at all! I got the shirt and skirt for Xmas. The shirt is really cute and comfy, and I'm really liking this skirt. I've ordered from Eshakti once before, and everything I've gotten from them has been great quality.

Top: F21+
Jacket: Torrid
Skirt: ASOS Curve
Necklace: F21
Shoes: same ones as before.

Today's outfit! Sorry I keep wearing this skirt haha, but I love it. I got this leatherette top from F21+ for Xmas, and it's really versatile! The weather has been weirdly warm here, so I put on this knit biker jacket that I got from Torrid way back. People kept complimenting me on my outfit. :'D

Anyways, I should really start taking pictures before it gets dark outside, because my camera is really bad at indoor pictures and the flash gives me red eyes every time. Hopefully my next pictures will look better, and I'll try to update more often!