Friday, August 5, 2011

Dress and underskirt: ASOS Curve
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Betsey Johnson

So I wore this yesterday to go to a movie and do some other stuff. I'm really liking this dress; I love the way it looks on me. The only problem is it's a bit shorter than I wanted, so I put on another skirt to add a couple inches. Also, I'm never too fond of dresses that tie in the back, because I feel like that limits the ways you can style it, but whatever.

My hair is becoming unmanageable already, so I want to chop it all off! Growing out your hair is such a pain. I guess if I get too tired of it looking awkward, I'll cut it short again.


  1. Hi there! I am a follower you on Tumblr. I am a bigger girl myself! I just wanna say you are brave, and inspire me! :D Thank you!

  2. Hi Allison. I just found your blog thru Chubby Bunnies and wanted to say hello. You're such a beautiful girl and I love your sense of fashion. I think you should keep your hair short. I've had my hair short (and red) for years. I think it screams confidence. : ) I have a daughter who is just a little over a year old and my hope for her is that she has a positive body image just as you do. I look forward to your future posts!! God bless. xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  3. Wow girl, just found your blog and you are one gorgeous lass. I like your style.
    Matt :)

  4. Love this dress !
    You look beautiful in it !
    New follower :)

  5. Wow, i love this dress it looks so cute on you! :)
    check out for my giveaway :)xxx