Friday, November 23, 2012

I haven't made a post since August? What is even going on? I really need to start being more consistent with this blog! Here are some outfits for you folks!

 Dress: ASOS Curve
Shoes: I think they're Unlisted? I'm not sure where I got them.
Necklace: F21
(I wore this on my sister's birthday, which was actually like mid-September. I feel so lazy having not gotten around to posting it until now!)

Dress: ASOS Curve
Jacket: Torrid
Shoes: Not sure
I wore this for my birthday in late September. I went out to dinner and then went to the grocery store to get a birthday cake and I probably looked a little overdressed. ;) I got a lot of compliments from people in the store though, haha!

 This year's Halloween costume! I wore the same dress as in my first picture with some random accessories. I thought I looked pretty cute! :) My antlers look a little crooked in this picture, but whatever!


  1. Aw, you're halloween costume is gorgeous!!

  2. I agree with Natalie, the halloween costume (and that dress in general) is stunning! x